Scumbag Worldwide – Orlando 05/29/2015 – Bombshells Tavern

The night was riddled with mishaps and hurdles. Tempers were flaring, artist, did not show up, issues with the sound persisted. Everything seemed to be crushing the energy the Scumbags had created in preparation of the show but once they touched the stage and audience embraced them, the night became a huge success.


New Single from Grimm Gutter “I’m Grimm”

The official first single off of the upcoming album “Day of Darkness”

Day of Darkness will be released on all major digital retailers in August, and will have a very limited physical printing TBA.

Produced by Inphidel
Engineering by Lo Key

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Twitter – @GrimmGutterTL4L
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I’m Grimm
I wanna see you swarming the streets.
I was born in the form of a Beast.
I’m Grimm
I wanna see you speak to the reaper.
Believe me, I’m the God of disease.
I’m Grimm
I wanna see you swarming the streets.
I was born in the form of a Beast.
I’m Grimm
I want you to feel the shame of believers.
With a Hateful Demeanor. Someone Really Gon’ Bleed
I’m Grimm.


My darkest hour. I was drowning with the past to blame.
& Taking drugs to counteract the pain.
Everybody bleeds. But I know that we ain’t stacked the same.
Came out of the ground & now I’m dancing in the acid rain.
Hear the voice of the hopeless.
& Holy shit. I’m the maestro of loneliness.
Irish Goliath, I Died alone.
Keyser Sozé, Grimm Gutter don’t exist…
Rather see myself expire ‘fore I might conform.
Thorn inside a garden or a Locust in the swarm.
When the Music’s over I’m alive behind the Doors.
C’mon & Light my Fire I’m a Rider on the Storm.
I been Adorned with a bastards crown.
I’m a fallen angel that the heavens passed down.
When most of these jokes mediocre, I’m over the top.
Boy, don’t make me turn the cap around.



I watch as opportunities & situations roll past me.
As I had to grow up itchy, misbehaving & trashy.
That was just the way I lived. My life has turned into rubbish.
Every copy of my memoirs are burned when it’s published.
Create it. Make it fruitful. Then return it to nothing.
& take what’s simply beautiful & turn it disgusting.
I’ll be forgotten, I ain’t worth the discussing.
And I’m doomed to spend eternity suffering.
I wanna watch the world burn to the ground.
I’m the vermin who yearns to return to the clouds.
I’m the cursed. A worm in the serpents mouth.
How the fuck could it get worse than now?
I’m with the Abaddon. Lost in a colossal pit.
I won’t be praying to a god when I’m the opposite.
Dealing with a monster. It’s hot. & You got a little spark.
But you’ll never hold a candle to the Arsonist



We ain’t nothing but some lumbering Apes.
Stinking of shit, licking crumbs from the plate.
I wonder what becomes of all our wretched remains.
& I wonder how I slumber in this treacherous place.
Horns growing & I’m broken beyond repair
Born inside a mortuary. Never took a breath of air.
My songs’ll get inside your brain & fester there.
Gutter’s a machine becoming sentient & self aware.
I’m the one who leaves you more than embarrassed.
Sic Semper Evello Mortem Tyrannis
When I’m to appear you won’t be warned in advance.
of the scorching of the land & the plagues & the Famine.
I feel at home with the corpses & horsemen.
Brain filling up with distorted endorphins.
I don’t walk around like “Of course I’m important”
I just need the menace documented & recorded.

Hyperbolic Time Chamber

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